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Every year millions of visitors to the @greatsmokynps roll up and down Newfound Gap Road. Yet most fail to take time to learn that the road was recognized in 1872 by Guyot to be the lowest and most accessible pass over the mountain when traveling between Tennessee and North Carolina. In previous years, Indian Gap Road that lies two miles west was used by farmers, traders and confederate soldiers. The Indian Gap Road, that at one point was a toll road, was named after the Cherokee Trail that ran parallel to the road and was used by the native Americans when hunting. If you’ve ever hiked the Road Prong Trail then you have walked along the shadows of many days in history that were spent by those traveling on Indian Gap. Including a man that had to drag his canon along it... ( And you thought your hike was hard... )There was also once a Little Indian Gap Shelter in the area, a little fact that lovers of @appalachiantrail might find interesting. That’s not all of the history that lies along Newfound Gap Road though. Take a bit of time to wander the quiet walkways in the Sugarlands Valley... An area that was once home to the Indian Gap Hotel, Andy Brackins farm, Riley Brackin’s cabin, and more. Before your next visit to the Smokies, take a bit of time to learn the never-ending history of the park and even just a simple drive up Newfound Gap Road will become more interesting and possibly even a trip back into yesteryear. 💚 (These are also a few great reasons for folks to not throw their trash out... The Smokies are a sacred place, a historical place, a national park... Not a landfill.)

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