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This lash lift kit is blowing up on the Internet right now. 🥺 @SHOPMISTK Essential Oils included in our kit helps strengthen the lashes. @SHOPMISTK It also provide the eyelashes with tons of nutritional benefits. •🛒Link in bio @SHOPMISTK •🛒Link in bio @SHOPMISTK •FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING FOR THE NEXT 3 DAYS @SHOPMISTK Credit @izzyowennn Filming by @Lucas.friend_

  • my_agere 12 days ago

    oh no gurl

  • hailee.shelton 12 days ago

    That wasn’t even convincing

  • alfred0sauce 12 days ago

    I don’t see anything different ??

  • iiamtiink 8 days ago

    I don't think it worked for her😂😂😂

  • logan.vogel 7 days ago

    What’s the point... this is the type of thing that you do and realize after that you wasted 10 mins of your life

  • a.33de 8 days ago

    no ma'am.. that is not it-

  • julia235__ 11 days ago


  • deniel_99 9 days ago


  • kylg13 9 days ago


  • yungxdaye 7 days ago

    clearly a scam

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