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I photographed this closeup view of some ice along a gently flowing creek in Zion National Park this past February. It was the final day of my trip, and I thought I was done taking photos for the trip. While wandering along the creek and picking up random bits of trash, I stumbled upon this stretch of ice. I returned to by truck, grabbed my 8x10 camera, then set up a simple composition that filled the frame. I needed 1.7 stops of bellows compensation for this photo, so it’s nearly 1:1. This photo was taken on @fujifilm_profilm Provia 100F with my @arcaswissusa F Metric 8x10 and my Nikkor W 300mm 5.6. . . . . . #believeinfilm #ishootfujifilm #arcaswissusa #Provia100F #largeformat #landscapephotography #landscape #intimatelandscapes

  • christopherkeach 65 days ago

    Macro photography with an 8x10!

  • wildaustraliaphotography 64 days ago

    I took a very similar photo on the edge of Ellis Fjord in Eastern Antarctica while working there. I had never seen ice crystals form like this, nor have I since. Mine was captured digitally so nowhere near as much effort as you lugging the field camera around. Well done, love this image and your YouTube... it's inspired me to break out the hasselblad this year once this craziness ends.

  • sebastian.tontsch 64 days ago

    Beautiful 👌

  • tirta.winata 64 days ago

    Brilliant, literally 🤣

  • coltor_myers 64 days ago

    I love this so much! I've been trying to capture this myself for years now. Bravo 👍🔥👏

  • theadventurephotographypod 62 days ago

    I love this one Ben! Like we talked about in the podcast you’ve taught me how to be patient and how to look down! Nice work!

  • exploringwithkyle 62 days ago

    Great closeup shot love the details in the crystals and nice choice of camera. I had few shots that I am proud of at the very end of the day. I guess photography only stops when the batteries die lol

  • liuannabellafzz 57 days ago

    good taste

  • dela.n.afifah.1 57 days ago


  • saysoailatrio 45 days ago

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