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Photo of the Day: Not all heroes wear capes. Some days, they wear robes. πŸ“· #GoProFamily member @RyanKontra β€’ Be a HERO. Stay home. πŸ† β€’ From donating N95 masks to mandating employees work from home + donating cameras to further virtual education initiatives, GoPro has been active in giving back, keeping our communities safe + creative. Read more about our efforts on the Inside Line. Link in bio. β€’ β€’ β€’ #GoPro #BeAHERO #HomePro #WorldHealthDay #StayHome #GlobalImpact

  • chitra_grapher 47 days ago

    What a home❀️😍

  • gian_lu33 47 days ago

    What a design @ryankontra I simply love the spiral staircase ... insane πŸ”

  • str1ked3tail 47 days ago

    Give your customer service reps more authority to make sales decisions.Β  I contacted Customer Service because your Hero 8 Black was being offered at a $100 discount plus an SD card.Β  However, your trade-up deal offered the same discount without even the SD card.Β  When I asked if that's correct, your rep's response was that there was nothing she could do about it.Β  That's idiotic.Β  And the way she handled the situation was poor.Β  A better customer service interaction would've closed the sale on the current promotion.Β  Instead, this makes me want to search for competitor products with better customer service and sell my old Go Pro on the secondary market.

  • the_gopro_moment 47 days ago

    My battery not working so i can't make challenge #homepro @gopro

  • anandhu.b.narayan 47 days ago


  • santi.infantee 47 days ago

    That’s the Fibonacci sequence!! Amazing

  • martinlamelas 47 days ago

    Stay home yes and have a Las drone at home don't fly it because the gear will crush no matter what.

  • ninanhaia 47 days ago

    So perfect 😍

  • trisholly7 47 days ago


  • sorrynotcreative 47 days ago

    Socks on those stairs you might need a cape

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