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The Buccaneers unveil their new uniforms. 🔥 (via @buccaneers)

  • buffaloconfidential 57 days ago

    Better than falcons.

  • jacksondavis5 57 days ago

    Nice to see the bucs prepping to get their poop pushed in, in style

  • dat_boi_dere 56 days ago

    🤦🏿‍♂️ That’s the best they could do

  • zookee07 56 days ago

    He did it with Brady’s number on😭😭😭

  • maddux_long_11 56 days ago

    Bruh those are the Falcons old Jersey. First Brady takes our super bowl then he take Mohammed Sanu now our Jersey.

  • dieg.46 56 days ago

    They really think they going to go far this year

  • laisimaly 56 days ago


  • warriorangel4christ 56 days ago

    They look the same to me🤔 don’t see much of a change and definitely don’t see why all the hype over nothing! I thought they would at least make somewhat of a dramatic difference

  • giants10188 56 days ago

    Go Big Blue!

  • braden_leverette 56 days ago

    Now it's just a matter on if they will even use them this season😂

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