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He keeps me motivated. My Best friend . This is my first born son “REX”. If it wasn’t for him and god I don’t know where I would be in life . When you have children you realize that every decision you make affects them whether it’s good or bad . I don’t want him to be like me I want him to be better In every aspect . Everybody go check out my new album . Click the link in my bio . Album is called “Married To The Bricks”. Thanks to all my fans . Love yall

  • beencasee 112 days ago

    They took ur haircut 🤦‍♂️

  • lilshellzofficial 112 days ago

    Hey guys, I'm 23 and new upcoming artist from Canada NB 🇨🇦 I have a 3yr old son, so it's important for me to show him that chasing you're dreams is ok 💭 "JUST WAIT" is coming out soon 🥶🎶 I'm looking to bring in good vibez only and grow an amazing community 💥 If your dreams don't scare you than they aren't big enough! Drop a follow to help me turn my dreams into reality.. Thanks gang 🙏🏻💙

  • __hobbs__ 112 days ago


  • tylerw3bb 110 days ago

    Could you help me come up plz

  • thenearmint_sales 107 days ago

    Real 🙏

  • lowe_christianah 103 days ago

    God not god

  • seatonreid 96 days ago

    Young 👑

  • lucalavieri 93 days ago

    Proud of you I remember since y were 17y old in Steve's tattoo God Bless y n your Family Always respectful wherever i run into You 🙌🙏 since your Fame @stitches

  • sadbipolarbitch 91 days ago

    He looks just like you♥😇

  • tylerw3bb 90 days ago

    @loudpackmemes dont know anout it

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