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No information has been given that there will be Eurovision. Ticket sales are still up and running even during the competition. The organizing committee postponed the event, which will be attended by representatives of 41 countries scheduled for March 9. One of the factors contributing to this was coronavirus detection in one of the representatives scheduled to attend the event. On the other hand, a number of countries have said they will not send representatives to Eurovision. Representatives from Switzerland and Israel are among them. They said they would not take part in the May 9 event. İsraeli officials have delayed their visit following the recommendations of the World Health Organization. İrael's health ministry also banned singer Eden from leaving the country. The swiss delegation said its representatives would not go to Rotterdam. İt is reported that they are planning to perform online. Switzerland's Eurovision 2020 representative said they could attend video meetings for all the meetings. Lithuanian spokesman The Roop producer also released a statement. İt was informed that the group members will not participate in any Eurovision event. The opening ceremony is scheduled for May 16. The delegation said that the virus was not yet a threat to Eurovision. They said they would decide on the international competition depending on the course of events. (Source: Axş P.S: İf you want to comment, you should follow the page) #instagram #music #song #eurovisionsongcontest #eurovision #esc #12points #eurovisionazerbaijan #eurovisionazerbaijanfans #thenetherlands #rotterdam #covid19 #corona #coronavirus #mood #tbt #baku #azerbaijan #aztagram #aktivler

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