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Commissioned by Apple. Photographer Petecia Le Fawnhawk @Lefawnhawk is known for creating striking surrealist landscapes using a mix of sculpture and editing techniques. Watch to learn about Petecia's creative connection with the desert and how she uses perspective to explore her sense of place in the world. #IWD #ShotoniPhone 11 Pro.

  • bodhitreemd 16 days ago

    “That feeling of knowing your place and knowing your fragility is essential to really enjoy the gift of being alive” ❤️

  • thedudeasia 14 days ago

    Jodorovsky has a great impact

  • barros_saulo82 12 days ago

    😢 marca horrível, só tira o dinheiro das pessoas, produto ching ling descartável

  • barros_saulo82 12 days ago

    IPhone só dura 1 ano e 2 meses se vc cuidar bem... Se vc for relaxado então, aff, vc terá um iphone a cada 6 meses😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • igorandrade____ 12 days ago

    Hi, my name is igor I am Brazilian and I am sending this message to first say that I am a big fan of apple, I am an admirer of the brand. And that my big dream is to win an iPhone, because I can't afford it. I hope you read this message and help me to fulfill that dream. Kisses ...

  • scjk77 11 days ago

    I beg u pls make a chicken nugget emoji

  • lookinglasz 8 days ago


  • heyimhidden 6 days ago

    El Topo :))

  • shivsagar17 3 days ago


  • shivsagar17 3 days ago

    @apple we shot the whole move in 11 pro

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