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  • ciobi_davidul 5 days ago

    @paige1z he deleted all his other posts to make space for pgLang

  • victoriandenean 4 days ago

    Nigga you good? Drop something. Many blessings!

  • raine.lauster 4 days ago


  • raine.lauster 4 days ago

    i’m ready

  • doctorai__ 4 days ago


  • doctorai__ 4 days ago

    check us out

  • tfldiablo 3 days ago


  • jav2litty 3 days ago

    @victoriandenean this why they don’t drop shit look how y’all get to taking to people like if there not human he has a life too music was his escape now sit back and wait 🙌 and this is too all the ppl in here telling him wtf and hurry up and shit

  • julianminerva 3 days ago

    @julianminerva shut the fuck up

  • victoriandenean 3 days ago

    Lol you had time. A little too much time. My comment was warm with correct intentions Wondering if his actual being is ok. See I’m a fan as you can tell anticipating his work. You commenting on my post doesn’t make you any better. You are free to have your opinion,but my dear friend have it else where!

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