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  • bby.joker_ 3 days ago

    @lordemusic 🥀✨

  • iremcaresizz 2 days ago

    Abi şarkı çıkarsana 🙄

  • thefreshprinceofphx 2 days ago

    Can i send you a news clip of me please I really need some support I am a black male teacher I was ran over by an suv while I was helping a woman who was having a seizure I died for 12 mins and was in a coma for three days please can i dm you the news clips

  • aslan_macpoetry 2 days ago

    RUINS OF MOOD Transfusion of classic wisdom is a fruitless thing. I reanimate the dying hearts loving the bright spring. Translucent eyes can`t hide the fire of madness. Threnetic breath of the past aggravates my sadness. Bass guitar, caress my painful nerves being in a fever! Cargo of insight, I am your trustworthy receiver. Crow is my muse I don`t want to lose. Tulip is hysteric. Sky is polymeric. Shock rules my mind. Come on! Come on! Remix your pride! Chemical river begets the rainbow. Hurry to drink it! Torrid sun bakes my brain dough. I need a gold ingot! Prejudice hinders me from progressing. Nemesis is so far! My metaphor is infective and depressing. Decadence is bizarre. Doom of days is mourned by the night. Wipe the wet moon. Speedy time performs its curative rite. Goodbye, my cocoon! Crow, take me away! Sanity is in decay. Warm my frozen blood! Fetters remain uncut. Emerald is maligned. Come on! Come on! I do remix my pride! © Aslan Baimagambetov 2020

  • kenunlocked 2 days ago

    Please come back

  • apureking 2 days ago

    Ha Ha.

  • apureking 2 days ago

    13 & 2.

  • heavy407 yesterday

    Did y’all hear the new @bustarhymes & kendricklamar With the Michael Jackson sample🔥🔥

  • fguco_ yesterday

    Please comeback Kendrick

  • annashudaa yesterday


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