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  • nehataneja29 176 days ago

    Congratulations dear @smrutisreee

  • __sakshi_lakhani__ 176 days ago


  • jyotiprava10 176 days ago

    Congratulations darling..Thanks for making Odisha proud

  • dimple_queen_seetal 176 days ago

    After looking at you i am proud to say that i m an odian

  • jharana.nayak.338 176 days ago

    Congrats dear

  • anjali_aannuu574 176 days ago

    Wow....well done smrutishree...u made odisha's dish proud...

  • delucyous7 176 days ago

    Congratulations! πŸ₯³β€οΈ So proud of you! 😍

  • zeenatparveen0786 176 days ago


  • rifahalam 176 days ago

    πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ good

  • sjsulagna 176 days ago

    Love u girl...u made odisha proud with odishan cushions..πŸ‘πŸ‘

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