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i know mostly nothing, but this i know for sure. sending love and extra courage to whoever needs it today

  • handiman777 220 days ago

    Might as well strut, then...

  • bella_wolfine9653 208 days ago

    Through one of my favorite singers!!!

  • 179 days ago

    Hello πŸ– I am Turkish. I love you . The situation in Turkey now a bit confused because of the virus. You have a huge audience. Can you call out to people on your social media account? By saying #EVDEKAL. The number of cases is increasing in Turkey, and people are dying, please fulfill my wish and call people πŸ™

  • ravindrakaeshri 178 days ago


  • anabeladasilva3 165 days ago

    Something like that

  • l0veonly 161 days ago


  • michaelgrantham479 157 days ago

    ❀️I can remember the first time I saw you on you know.

  • ___risky_pardeep 155 days ago


  • stefan_the_ripper_1 149 days ago


  • teyeben900 136 days ago

    I love u camila, u are the best πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ’œπŸ’œ

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