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LITTER PICKER MEETS BLUE STEEL πŸ˜‚β™»οΈ β€’ @bambuubrush ultimate goal is to set up simple recycling centres in developing countries around the world! We believe it is wrong that the western world who have the finances and the waste management facilities, ship their plastic and trash to developing countries who do not have the finances or waste management facilities to tackle this problem πŸ˜₯ β€’ We have some exciting plans coming up in the next 3-6months at @bambuubrush in regards to starting our plans and progressions in setting up our first recycling centre, and we cannot wait to get you guys involved ♻️ β€’ This photo was taken at @giliecotrust a simple sustainable recycling centre who are an inspiration to how we can tackle plastic pollution in developing countries β™»οΈπŸŒ β€’ @plasticpollutes @plasticfreefridays @plastic_patrol @lessplasticuk @plasticoceansuk @plasticfreemermaid @plasticoceans @kikplastic @plasticsoupfoundation @kidsagainstplastic @plastictides

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