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brother and sister things

  • merrelltwins_awesomeness 69 days ago

    Brent: brother and sister things. Me: Brent's version of stranger things, but better!

  • _dor7sa_ 69 days ago


  • claire_corbs 66 days ago

    Lexi has red eyes Brent you sure that’s your sister

  • bste_shode_byyyyyy 60 days ago


  • marossbri125 58 days ago

    Me: OMG Lexi has red eyes are you sure thats your sis Brent. My brain and me later like 1 hour later: That is Lexi just that its her twin her EVIL twin Lexi 2.0

  • marossbri125 58 days ago


  • tashaunamclaughlin 53 days ago

    She has red eyes or is she evill

  • theoriginalmiya 39 days ago

    Nice cloths

  • theoriginalmiya 39 days ago


  • woop_sammie_woo 27 days ago

    Her eyes thoooo

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