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Some outtakes from a recent shoot @folklore.santafe I took these shots at the invitation of shop owner and curator @by_kellydye Kelly Dye. She gave me the opportunity to play with the architectural elements and general materials that were laying around as she was preparing to launch. Go check out all the lovely things she has to offer. Organic, sustainable stuff for your home and for you. #simplysantafe #folkloresantafe #newmexico

  • m.amerek 210 days ago


  • robin_ek 210 days ago

    The first image is awesome 🎯

  • foureyesproductions 210 days ago

    Love them all, but the second last one is so β€˜American Beauty’ 😍

  • 35mmbrian 210 days ago

    lovely set, love the first one though ✨

  • birgitkleber 210 days ago

    love the second image! πŸ’•

  • sofiahbvividtaste 210 days ago


  • hazimeal 209 days ago


  • bmoysich 209 days ago


  • dea_sakura 209 days ago

    Love this one

  • llssfoto 209 days ago


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