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The king of Demonetization! @vitalyzdtv Love this dude so much. We both started with nothing and climbed up on YouTube back in the day at the same time. He would let me stay with him in LA when I needed a place. Always worked incredibly hard for everything he has. Nothing but love and respect for him! We hung out last night and talked about what we should do. What would you guys like to see? A documentary, some pranks? Let me know!

  • hewitt1758 170 days ago


  • nyime_m37 164 days ago

    Yes I really want to see you guys working together 😭😭

  • delosbj 157 days ago

    Wow u guys got me through high school between 2012-2016 and I couldn't sleep without watching a daily vlog or prank. I'm 22 now and jeez time flies.

  • basic_strategy 155 days ago

    You need make new videos I check almost everyday if you post

  • villain_deku34 146 days ago

    O hi Mark

  • itslukegreen 145 days ago

    3,000th comment

  • hamlet_spa 118 days ago


  • callsign_hulk 91 days ago


  • nolimitelmer 88 days ago

    OG prankstersπŸ”₯

  • nylo.44 82 days ago


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