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Here is my entry for day 5 of the #zionlargeformatbattle with @alanbrockimages. Alan posted a sweet photo of a sandstone wash filled with brilliant red maples. Pretty soon, that wash will have the same look. That photo got me very excited to head to Zion in the coming days! My entry today was taken a couple miles from that location in a tributary to that same canyon. What caught my eye here was the beautiful pair of twisted Ponderosa pines growing at the edge of a rocky wash, set against a beautiful wall of sandstone in some golden reflected light. The scale of this photo is somewhat deceiving. Whenever I revisit these trees I’m surprised by how big they actually are. This photo was taken on my Ebony RW810 large format view camera with Fuji Velvia 50 slide film. #ishootfujifilm @fujifilm_profilm @fujifilm_northamerica #largeformat #8x10 #believeinfilm #buyfilmnotpixels #staybrokeshootfilm #velvia50 #fujivelvia50 #velvia #utahutahisrad @utahgram #zionnationalpark @zionnps #graingazing #tagitplanetearth #leaveitbetterthanyoufoundit #leaveitbetter #slowerthanaprius

  • susanghepburn 32 days ago

    Superb! 👏❤️

  • donniewhitaker 31 days ago

    Was in Zion today. Color is looking good higher up but still lots of green lower in areas like the Narrows.

  • crpear16 30 days ago

    I love the way you capture's a scared place!

  • the_pinder_experience 30 days ago

    Crazy beautiful light on that stone Ben

  • astrolandscapes 28 days ago

    This is a classic image that I loved since the moment you first clicked it, and the story of the trees makes me want to write an entire American LOTR story that showcases Hobbit adventures in the Southwest instead of NZ. With all that said, unfortunately @alanbrockimages really pulled out the big guns for day 5, so...

  • billthoo 27 days ago


  • slywiglol2959 25 days ago

    ㅎ오ㅎ 완전대박 갔다 하 ㅋ 캬 짱이다

  • johnbuchanan767676 24 days ago

    i mean imagien how cool u would be. IF U HAD A CHILD THA TWANTS AP IILE OF SHIT. in 10 miles of all of u

  • from_behindness 23 days ago


  • n5.u_w 22 days ago

    متفاعل نار وشرار ضيفوني

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