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Ever heard of the Bighorn Mountains? We’ll be honest, we hadn’t before heading up there a couple of weeks ago with @visitsheridan. It’s an incredible range in northern Wyoming that’s packed full of mountains, alpine lakes, and adventures...and nearly devoid of people. Check out the full story and photos at the link in our bio! In an age of social media where everyone seems to be going to the same places, doing the same hikes and taking the same pictures, it was refreshing to explore a place that was completely new to us. 📸 @kylefrost #theoutbound #wyoming #visitsheridan

  • meagstro 5 days ago

    What are the animals like?

  • jorge_csardinha 5 days ago

    Amazing set!

  • therollingvan 5 days ago

    So nice

  • activeat60withtillie 5 days ago

    they are beautiful

  • angel_huffman 5 days ago

    Ugh. I wish people wouldn't put this place all over social media. It will turn out just like everywhere else. Bombarded with people due to social media. One of the few places still left that isn't

  • story.of.a.stargazer 5 days ago

    Incredible indeed 😍😍

  • inspiring_adventurer_ 5 days ago

    Stunning photos😻🙏🏼

  • visitsheridan 5 days ago

    Thanks so much for coming to visit us!

  • tazle_m 5 days ago

    The bighorns is actually another name for the Rockies in Colorado. Everyone go there.

  • dtowsley 5 days ago

    I heard they suck. Lots of grizzlies and dangerous outlaws living there

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