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Heath West, 2010s . Disappointed by the everyday rigidity of an architecture office, West left the construction industry to pursue a career as a full-time painter. His works reveal this background in the form of diagrammatic compositions that show sequences of spaces framed by architectural elements (walls, windows, floor...). . Windows and thresholds reveal rooms emptied of any object that would indicate their use. Inside these rooms, other doors and windows unveil the outside, represented as an abstract horizon line or by more elaborate and recognizable constructions. There is an ambiguity in the position of the observer of the painting. Is the viewer outside looking in looking out? Or is it already inside? . More images in . A Series of Rooms is a collection of domestic spaces - an exploration into the imaginary of the housing archetype - as portrayed in art, media and human studies. . Curated by @bonelldoriga . #aseriesofrooms #documentingspace #domesticity #heathwest #painting #architecture #interior

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