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Kylie’s favorite is the nude bottle, I think mine is the pink! She’s been wearing my perfumes forever so this collab is extra special because I know how much she loves the process. Finding her perfect scent was impossible so we narrowed it down to her three favorites! Aug 23rd.

  • khloekardashian 27 days ago

    Yaaaaassssssss bring it ONNNNN

  • tracyromulus 27 days ago

    My favorite is the red one!!! 💕

  • noonoouri 27 days ago

    speak without using words - just smell 💖💖

  • sainthoax 27 days ago


  • perezhilton 26 days ago

    That sixth toe is iconic

  • oof.gosh.nevaeh 26 days ago

    Anyone here from tiktok?👀

  • evelyn_sigler_ 26 days ago

    ummmmmm didn’t know arms went that way and didn’t know kim had six toes

  • rogiervanvugt 22 days ago

    Who else came here just to count the toes?😁

  • taylor_gang_shon 27 days ago

    To any of you women, who’s self esteem is probably so low that you shell out thousands of dollars just to look like these Kardashians, because that’s the only way y’all love yourself, your better than that and if no one has told you today, I’m gonna say it, your beautiful the way you are

  • diana_coradorosales 23 days ago

    Who’s here because on Snaps Rundown about Kim’s 6toes 😂?

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