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  • invisible_iink 85 days ago

    Im here to soak up the brilliance..that’s it. And if I’m blessed in it, and somehow you find my work to be essential in it all..then we could multiply in it. But I come from a humble stand point. It’s taken a lot of work to construct my mastery. I don’t stand on it lightly. These words are my soul. And I wouldn’t come to the top unless I deserved it.

  • imchanchal4 85 days ago


  • invisible_iink 82 days ago

    Ok...I’ll try again. Respectfully

  • invisible_iink 82 days ago

    Could you do me a favor though ? Could you ask Ye what’s next in his path towards God ? You don’t even have to tell him the question came from a mystery profile. Just...ask him. ...

  • invisible_iink 82 days ago

    ...I’m sure he has a lot on his mind. But growth is of essence. I know that.

  • invisible_iink 82 days ago

    Now, I may be foolish in this. But I’m working on a project I could use his help in. And trust me, it’s worth it.

  • invisible_iink 82 days ago

    I come w answers, homie. That’s all I’m saying. I don’t move like this for no reason.

  • dianetole 80 days ago

    @baby.speaks.english voilà ici je suis allé voir direct , j avais pas vu avant qu elle avait été

  • alenamal_456 77 days ago

    It's amazing! Simply a masterpiece!👏👏

  • beatrizmgomes 75 days ago

    Where is this in 🇯🇵??

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