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I joke around on here but I want to talk about something really serious. I’m sick and tired of using photoshop and lighting tricks to cover up how my face really looks. This is me and I am proud of it! I spent the summer learning to love myself. Nobody is perfect! Learn to love and accept yourself because no matter how strange you look, no matter how ugly you feel, you are beautiful!

  • _harrygreen05_ 12 days ago


  • halle_midi.x 11 days ago

    Lol u dont look like that i seen u at your tour i seen u in the Glasgow concert(btw loved ur concert)

  • natasha.zrt 11 days ago


  • _.tano_owo._ 11 days ago


  • minding.murder 10 days ago

    Wowwwwwwww you can just abouttttttttttt Succeed 10x harder then you already have because no matter how beautiful every fucking person is, perceived beauty standards really detract from how easily we receive the expression of self and how we each flourish within what we were given GD love that caption and you 💛💛

  • trevor_1nman 10 days ago

    Follow your nose

  • anabrookie 10 days ago

    You be looking like gru 😂😂

  • supersonicwang 10 days ago

    Okay gru

  • kyla_revette19 10 days ago


  • iiigxbbie 9 days ago

    Wait wha

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