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With #WorldLionDay just around the corner, we want to remind you to #bethepride and speak up for #lions. African lions are classified as Vulnerable on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species. Having lost three-quarters or more of their original habitat over the past 100 years, lions are now mostly restricted to protected areas (PAs). That being said, lion conservation is tricky. As our team in @wildaidafrica put it in this beautiful post “The world loves lions but living alongside them is terrifying and a constant exercise in vigilance. The communities of Masai and Barabaig who live around #ruaha national park experience this first hand like this little boy in photo 1 who is responsible for keeping his family’s cattle safe. Thanks to the sustained efforts of the #ruahacarnivoreproject however, these communities are getting a helping hand in mitigating this conflict. RCP does this through several initiatives like hosting monthly movie nights in place of traditional lion hunt parties (photo 2); deploying lion defenders like Mandela and Julius (photo 3; seen here with our cameraman @frankpapushka ) to alert communities when lions are close or livestock are lost; and taking community members on park trips (photo 4), something rarely afforded to them. Tanzania has 40% of Africa’s lions, but a huge number of these live outside of protected areas. If we are to safeguard the future of the beloved lion, then it is critical we safeguard the lives of the communities who live closest to them. Check out our Insta story to see the inspiring faces helping protect lions and people. #bethepride #poachingstealsfromusall #ujangiliunatuumizasote” Be sure to follow @wildaidafrica!

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