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  • maru__1308 342 days ago

    @savenikaaleksanyan 🆘

  • savenikaaleksanyan 342 days ago

    Dear @kardashians, I am Emma Aleksanyan and My daughter Nika has a rare and serious genetic neuromuscular condition, spinal muscular atrophy-1 (SMA). I hope you would consider helping us spreading the word out about SMA and Nika's personal story. We have one month to raise funds for Zolgensma, it's very costly but life-saving medication. This medication is designed to replace the missing gene with a functional copy. It would mean so much to us if you would be able to share Nika's story on social media and raise awareness about SMA. Thank you in advance! @savenikaaleksanyan in English language @nika_smaylik in Russian language.

  • emilliamarttins_ 322 days ago


  • onikasfiance 313 days ago

    @savenikaaleksanyan sucks to be u

  • savenikaaleksanyan 313 days ago

    @pinkfr6day I am not going to lie it feels horrible to have a dying child on my hands. Stay safe and healthy!

  • worldreggie 291 days ago

    Im watching you all right now and

  • worldreggie 291 days ago


  • lizzycsu 282 days ago

    Don’t understand all this talk about “COVID” on the show and being afraid and careful...??? #nomasksneeded ??? @kimkardashian the children if not worried...🤔🙂 🙏

  • jodyriggs5 278 days ago

    Kourtney's boobs are so big now

  • iamstalli0n 269 days ago

    🔥Bizcocho ❤️Bacana 💋

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