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Five years ago, Reese Blutstein (@double3xposure ) started sharing her outfit of the day, every day. First, it was mirror selfies, then, as her confidence grew, she ventured out into the streets of her hometown, Atlanta. “I made sure I never went a day without posting for about a year,” says the 22-year-old. The daily dedication led to Reese discovering her unique personal style, which she describes as, “balanced, structured, colorful and a little bit quirky.” Reese adopted this wear-what-you-love mentality at a young age, all thanks to grandma. “She has always worn things that were outside of the box,” Reese says. “I knew that if my nana could do that and look so cool doing it, I could do it as well.” Tune in to today’s story to see what’s in Reese one-of-a-kind closet. Photo by @double3xposure

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