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Live at with my brother and additional special guest: his sunglasses. Perks at

  • _iamnotanoctopus_ 891 days ago

    Hanks sunglasses are still cool

  • goddessbellamathers 890 days ago


  • 0000000000.aa.l 889 days ago

    My brother; Answer my message. I'm in a very difficult situation to be my witness. $ 25,000 (approx. 130,000TL) I owe. Help him with some of the Allah's sake. I pray you. I don't want to die. Account number: TURKEY / VAKIFBANK TR65000150015800 7262283042 Through WESTERN UNION or UPT; AYŞE ÖZMÜŞ Adana / TURKEY

  • angelapaul 881 days ago

    Inspiring ❤️

  • aline.o20 865 days ago

    dear john, my name is aline, I'm brazilian and although I know that I probably will not read this message, I would like you to know that I am COMPLETELY PASSIONATE for ALL you write ❤ I have just started "will and will and I identified myself a lot with aza of "turtles all the way down" because of my psychological problems due to the physical disability that obliges me to ride in a wheelchair. Anyway, I just want to thank you: thank you for existing and understand me so well. YOU ARE AMAZING and I I hope to meet you one day because, just like hazel, I would read up to your shopping list ... I LOVE YOU SO MUCH !!

  • _victoria_jakobsen_ 851 days ago

    Can you please do a movie about Alaska?

  • just_for_donya 830 days ago

    i send a video for you please check your direct

  • sarasobko 827 days ago

    mr green! mr green!

  • nicci_glaffig_ 821 days ago

    Plz read my dm

  • angela.gtzz 756 days ago

    Hi, My name is Angela Gutierrez and me and my friend are doing a presentation on you in our English class and we just wanted to ask a few questions about your life. Thanks. -Angela & Morgan.

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