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181102 희망big콘서트 | ©러브비트. random confession update: i barely have a thing for guys with mullet hairstyle but taeyong???? didn't know he could pull off looking 238482838482 × better than anyone else 😔❤

  • baekhyunprince 628 days ago

    u said that shit like more than 18294929292 times we all been knew

  • jiminismyjam_ 628 days ago

    he looks so goodddd

  • jiminismyjam_ 628 days ago

    and his lips??? perfect 😩👌❤️

  • ateezdiary 628 days ago

    Aaaa all heart eyes😍😍

  • super_samchon 628 days ago

    Boi, you need a burger! We miss them chubby cheeks yo!

  • diachiong 628 days ago

    this hair is just doing nothing on him. cut it ASAP

  • catherine_laldampuii 628 days ago

    My love 💖💖💖

  • daredeck 628 days ago

    There is nothing this boy cant slay 💯

  • hwanghyunjinnie_00 628 days ago

    I love taeyongs mullet hair

  • 0_0.piccolo 628 days ago

    Just replying to caption better than anyone else.. Even Kris Wu,taehyung v is so good with mullet...

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